Friday, June 9, 2023

Bride enters wedding hall on moving platform suspended from ceiling; clip angers netizens

Weddings are incomplete nowadays without some over-the-top pomp and show, decorations, choreographed dance performances, themed ceremonies, and epic bride entries.
That’s what heavily circulated and commented wedding videos on social media seem to suggest.
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Simple entries of the groom and the bride are a passe now. Theatrics and stunts are pulled off to make the bride’s entry special and memorable.
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But not all types of entries are fun. Not all entries deserve our appreciation and recommendation. This happens to be one of them.
An ‘over the top’ choreographed entrance of a bride has left netizens angered because it poses a potential risk of injuries.
The entrance is literally over the top as the bride is seen, purportedly accompanied by her father, approaching the main stage by standing inside an oval-shaped platform that was suspended from the ceiling with cables.
Guests watched on from the floor as the bride moved on the platform above them.
Watch video:

The aerial entry, reportedly executed at a wedding in Pakistan, has left netizens fuming after it was posted on Twitter by a Twitter user Fasi Zaka (@fasi_zaka) with the caption: Please don’t let this become a thing”.

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