Saturday, June 3, 2023

Old man from Maharashtra sees Mount Everest very close with his better half; pilot satisfies his deep rooted dream

Scaling Mount Everest is a dream that requires years of training, sacrifice, and luck. For some, it is a big deal to even reach the base camp on the way to the highest peak in the world.
Then there are many who live out their lives just seeing the peak in photos and videos. Because getting up close by trekking the dangerous terrains is not an option for most of us.

Take this for instance. An elderly man, 78, from Maharashtra, had life lifelong dream of seeing Everest up close fulfilled by a pilot who flew him and his wife 17,000-ft above sea level.
Two videos shared on Instagram by Andy Thapa, the helicopter pilot, shows the elderly couple walking on mountains to view Everest while the chopper is parked behind them.
The wife carefully assists her husband, who was walking with a walking stick. The two look at the highest peak together.

In the first post, Thapa informed that it was a tough decision for him to fly them at 17,000 feet above sea level as oxygen gets very low at that height.
He said the man’s wife insisted he kept going because it was their lifelong dream to see Everest up close. “They dreamt dared and conquered.. to me it was story close to my eye.. i was protagonist.. dream doesnt become reality through magic it takes sweat determination and hard work. Hats off to this lovely couple .. and may you both live another 100 years keep making memories and keep inspiring the world,” the secomd post informed

The first video, shared on October 16, has now collected over 2 lakh likes with over 4 million views.
The couple’s grandparents responded to the video, writing: “Hey! They are my grandparents. Just some corrections… he is 78 YO and this is one of his lifetime wishes… not the last wish! May their all the wishes come true.”
“Salute to such a lovely couple and she is really an awesome woman…I wish you both live another healthy year for each other,” wrote another user.

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