Friday, June 9, 2023

Dear lays manufacturer

Dear lays manufacturer
U forgot to mention one more thing in the list of ur ingredients.
Air 85%


Salesman: Sir, Do You Want This Powder ?
Santa: For What ?
Salesman: For Ants
Santa: No. If I Give Powder Today, They Will Ask Lipstick Tomorrow!!

Santa: Let’s Go For Movie.
Banta: Shit, I’ve Got A Doctor’s Appointment Today..
Santa: Just Cancel It,Tell Him You’re Sick????

Tourist: Whose Skeleton Is That?
Sardar: An Old King’s Skeleton.
Tourist: Who’s That Smaller Skeleton Next To It?
Sardar: That Was Same King’s Skeleton When He Was A Child.

Note: All these jokes are taken from popular content shared on social media platforms. Our aim is just to make people laugh. We have no intention to make fun of people of any religion, caste, class, gender and color or to hurt or hurt their feelings.

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