Friday, June 9, 2023

Elon Musk supposedly finds an Indian to assume control over Twitter’s infra division

Twitter employees’ job security remains precarious. Even after enormous layoffs of Twitter’s global staff, Elon Musk’s company is still undecided on cutting off workers. Twitter reportedly laid off engineers from its infrastructure group on Friday, December 16. While the exact number of employees let off is unknown, many engineers who were let go received an email claiming that their position was no longer needed at the company.
Now a report has emerged – Indian website Manoramaonline has claimed that Elon Musk has brought in a principal engineer at Tesla to lead Twitter’s infrastructure division. The engineer named Sheen Austin and his new team will be responsible for all critical technical infrastructure which also includes the company’s data centres as well.
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The Manorama report claimed that Sheen has been with Elon Musk since the day he took over Twitter.
According to The Information, many Twitter employees in Twitter’s infrastructure organisation received an official email on Friday evening announcing that Twitter has examined its personnel and is reducing responsibilities that are no longer necessary.
Previously, Elon Musk reportedly fired Nelson Abramson, Twitter’s head of infrastructure, along with other senior business executives. Alan Rosa, worldwide information technology chief and vice president of information security, was also fired.
With the current layoff, Musk has reduced Twitter’s total personnel by 75% since taking over the microblogging service in late October. Before the mass firings, the social media company reportedly had a workforce of 7,500 people, including then-CEO Parag Agrawal.
However, shortly after the transaction was completed, Musk lay off almost 2,000 people and instituted a “hardcore” work culture in which staff are obliged to work long hours.

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