Friday, June 2, 2023

Premature puberty: Causes, problems due to it, treatment

Doctors are noticing increased rates of ‘premature puberty’ especially among the girls. Here are its causes, problems due to premature puberty and treatment for it, as suggested by expert

The Covid-19 pandemic had an impact on everyone’s life and it did not spare children either as the doctors have seen a huge impact of the sedentary lifestyle, change in eating habits, etc. that have led to increased rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes. One more concerning change is increased rates of ‘premature puberty’ especially among the girls.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Sweta Budyal, Consultant – Diabetology and Endocrinology at Fortis Hospital in Mulund, explained what is premature puberty and said, “The average age for onset of puberty in girls and boys is 9 to 12 years. If the onset of puberty is before the age of nine in boys and below the age of eight in girls, then it is considered as ‘premature puberty’. Since the Covid-19 lockdown, which ensured that children remain homebound, the phenomenon of premature puberty has particularly increased in girls. When compared to the number of young girls attaining premature puberty in the pre-Covid-19 times, there is huge increase in the number of girls attaining premature puberty in the past 1.5yrs. There are five stages of puberty for girls; the earliest sign of puberty in girls is breast bud development, followed by growth spurt, pubic and axillary hair development; last stage is onset of menses.”

Note: The information given here is based on religious belief and public belief. There cannot be any scientific evidence for this. Keeping in mind the general interest and knowledge, it is being presented here.

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