Saturday, September 23, 2023



What is the difference between a pickpocket and a gynecologist?

A pickpocket snatches watches and a gynecologist watches snatches.


Santa: Let’s Go For Movie.
Banta: Shit, I’ve Got A Doctor’s Appointment Today..
Santa: Just Cancel It,Tell Him You’re Sick.????

Santa And Banta Are Walking On A Road, And They Find A 1000 Rupee Note Lying Down.
Santa – What Should We Do Now?
Banta- We’ll Take 50:50.
Santa- What About The Remaining 900?

At The Scene Of An Accident A Man Was Crying: O God! I Have Lost My Hand, Oh!
Sardar: Control Yourself. Don’t Cry. See That Man. He Has Lost His Head. Is He Crying?

Note: All these jokes are taken from popular content shared on social media platforms. Our aim is just to make people laugh. We have no intention to make fun of people of any religion, caste, class, gender and color or to hurt or hurt their feelings.

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