Thursday, October 5, 2023

Furious Salman Khan schools him as Shalin Bhanot shields his remark about Tina Datta: ‘I know parcel of things about… ‘

Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot tried to defend his ‘chipki’ comment about Tina Datta and talked about his ex-wife. An angry Salman Khan then schooled him.

Bigg Boss 16 host and actor Salman Khan schooled contestant Shalin Bhanot over his comment on Tina Datta. In a promo shared by ColorsTV on Instagram, an angry Salman Khan asked Shalin, “‘Ek se ek nikli toh dusre ke paas chipki (you leave one person and get closer to another)’, what kind of language is this?” (Also Read | Tina Datta says Shalin Bhanot didn’t respect his wife, he raises questions on her character in huge Bigg Boss clash)

In the clip posted on Saturday, Shalin replied, “One line.” Salman said, “That is that one line only.” Shalin then asked Salman, “She’s talking about my ex-wife, which is fine. Coming on my reputation, what do you want me to do?” This comment seemingly angered Salman further. He responded to Shalin, “I know a lot of things about you and your ex-wife. I do not bring it up here.” The video ended with Shalin folding his hands at Salman. The video was shared with the caption, “#ShanivaarKaVaar mein Salman Khan ne li Shalin ki class (Salman Khan took Shalin’s class in Shanivaar Ka Vaar).”

Reacting to the video, a person commented, “Shalin inspired by Bhoola in Golmaal 3.” Another one wrote, “It was Shalin who started first by saying that ‘one line’ then Tina went on his ex-wife. Glad to see that Salman is going to take proper class of this over smart Shalin.” A comment also read, “Shalin and Tina are equally responsible for everything…”

Recently, a fight broke out between Shalin and Tina. In a clip shared by ColorsTV on Instagram, Shalin said to Tina, “Aap dogle ho, aapke saath koi ek ladka khatam hota hai, toh aap dusre se chipakne lag jaate ho (You have double standards, when one guy goes away from you, you hunt for another man, try to get closer to him).” Tina replied angrily, “Zubaan sambhaal kar baat kar (Mind your language, Shalin). I’ll fu* slap you.”

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