Saturday, September 23, 2023

Israeli ambassador plays India’s Public Song of praise on piano on 74th Republic Day. Observe

Republic Day 2023: Israeli diplomat Kobbi Shoshani wished Indians on the 74th Republic Day in a musical way.

Israel’s Consul General to Mumbai, Kobbi Shoshani, took to Twitter to wish Indians on the occasion of 74th Republic Day in a musical way. The Israeli diplomat shared a video of himself playing the National Anthem of India on piano. And as expected, it gained a lot of attention online. Social media users loved the beautiful rendition and thanked him for his kind gesture.

“In respect to, I tried my best to play India’s beautiful anthem, ‘Jana Gana Mana’. Happy Republic Day,” wrote Kobbi Shoshani while sharing a video on Twitter. The video opens to show Kobbi Shoshani sitting with his back towards the camera. A text insert appears on the screen. It reads, “Jana Gana Mana. India’s Republic Day 2023.” As the video progresses, he plays the National Anthem on piano. Towards the end, he turns and says, “Happy Republic Day, India. Jai Hind. Jai Israel.”

Since being posted a few hours ago, the tweet has accumulated more than 1.6 lakh views, and the numbers are still increasing. The video has also raked several comments from netizens.

“Salutations. Thank you so much. Very soothing and sweet. Very nice,” posted an individual. “Wow, you beautifully played our National Anthem on piano #HappyRepublicDay,” wrote another. “Sir, this means a lot! Touched by your gesture. Happy Republic Day! Jai Hind!” expressed a third. “Amazingly done! Thank you for the warm gesture…,” commented a fourth. “That’s very beautiful sir,” shared a fifth.

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