Saturday, September 23, 2023

Dating in 2023: Would you say you are adored out or swiped clean?

With online dating, heartbreak is part of the journey. Can you really be extravagant or thrifty in matters of the heart?

For the last many years, no woman I know has actually come to me and said, “Oh, what a wonderful first date I had last evening”.

This seems odd. We live in a world that boasts of at least 10 well-known dating apps and websites. It should be easier than ever to find someone. And yet, so many of us are still terribly single.

Welcome to Millenial Dating 2.023. Along with dating platforms, it seems even the language of dating has now changed. Try keeping track of the terminology: Breadcrumbing, ghosting, orbiting, eclipsing. That’s half my Class VI Geography portion in there.

Being single can be exhausting. Especially if you’re someone who swoons over dating bios that read: “I am an old-school lover, born in the wrong generation”. Especially if you’re up most nights, scrolling through endless Reels listing “30 places to visit with your partner before you turn 30”. Especially if your paired-up friends are off on adventures already and posting their own Reels. Especially if they’ve set it to exactly the song you would have chosen!

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