Thursday, October 5, 2023

Rustic expressions, craftsmans from Rajasthan head to Delhi to feature their specialty

Artisans of Tilonia, a district in Ajmer, are all set to bring the vibrancy of their art of weaving, needlework, leather crafting and much more to Delhi as part of the Tilonia Crafts Bazaar. Alongside the exhibition of their works, there will also be a puppet show to highlight the social concerns of their village, and they overcame these.

The exquisite beauty of traditional crafts and contemporary designs of Rajasthan is often discovered and admired with the intricate workmanship in textiles, jewellery, pottery, wood carvings, leather work and other artefacts. Just a slice of the state’s rich cultural heritage can be witnessed in the works of artisans from the village of Tilonia in Ajmer district. Bringing their craft to the city, around 400 artisans from this village will showcase their skills at the upcoming, Tilonia Crafts Bazaar.

A microcosm of Rajasthan’s vibrant art scene, the villagers of Tilonia crate many marvellous pieces that one feels compelled to take home as souvenirs. This is due to mastery that the artisans have attained with years of practise. One among them is Kailash Kanwar, an artisan from the region, who has been working with textiles for the past 40 years. “I have learnt the craft of weaving, sewing and block printing. Sab yahin seekha aur issi wajah se apne bache khud paal paayi hun,” says Kanwar, adding, “Rajput women were earlier not allowed to step out of the house. But, I have tried to learn everything I know, and will display it at this event.”

But it’s not just the intricate work of sewing, needlework, embroidery, block-printing, and weaving that has been mastered by the artisans and merits spotlight. Ram Niwas, a puppeteer adds, “The idea behind us coming to Delhi is to highlight everything that we do at Tilonia. There’s nothing more perfect to show it all than through a puppet show. Through my craft of puppetry, I will highlight the issues of women empowerment, awareness about sanitisation, and other social concerns.”

Supported by the NGO, Barefoot College, these skilled hands have come a long way to confidently exhibit their skills in an urban set-up. Roop Singh, in-charge of Hatheli Sansthan, which helps the artisans in the sale and marketing of their arts, says, “We have always worked to support the artisans of the rural districts to engage their craft in a fruitful way, and showcase them to the world. This is what we are bringing here as well.”

Catch It Live

What: Tilonia Crafts Bazaar

Where: Amphitheatre, Triveni Kala Sangam, Mandi House

When: February 24 to 27

Timing: 10am to 7pm

Nearest Metro Station: Mandi House on the Blue and Violet Lines

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