Tuesday, March 21, 2023

At the point when Dev Anand prevented Shatrughan Sinha from fixing his face scar with plastic medical procedure: Simple daant ke bich me gaddha…

Talking to Arbaaz Khan, actor Shatrughan Sinha recalled a time when he said he was embarrassed by a scar on his face. While he wanted to get rid of it, Dev Anand stopped him.

Shatrughan Sinha opened up about feeling embarrassed with the scar on his face. He recently appeared on Arbaaz Khan’s talk show, The Invincibles and revealed he got the scar after he tried to imitate his uncle who was shaving his beard. While the veteran actor said he even contemplated plastic surgery, it was Dev Anand who stopped him. Also read: Shatrughan Sinha recalls being ’embarrassed’ about his looks

He recalled to Arbaaz how he ended up cutting himself and his cousin’s cheeks during childhood, which left a permanent mark on his face. He said in Hindi, “I first cut my cousin’s cheek, then my own.” Shatrughan continued, “They gave me first aid at home, and that was that. But when I got some amount of fame, and started working in films, I began to wonder if I should get it fixed. I had a complex (about the scar) I even spoke to a plastic surgeon,”

“During my struggle days, I used to meet Dev Anand frequently. Dev Saab ne kaha bilkul nahi karna, bhool ke bhi mat karna. Dekho mere daant ke bich me bhi gaddha hai, aaj style ban chuka hai (He absolutely forbade me from getting the scar fixed, and told me that even he had a tooth gap which eventually became fashionable),” he added. “Bahut embarrassment hota tha mujhko, lagta tha ki apni kati-phati shakal le kar aa raha hoon main filmo mein, kaise apni jagah banaonga, kya kaise karunga. Plastic surgeon se bhi baat kar lee thi humne (I used to feel very embarrassed, I used to think I am entering Bollywood with a face that was not perfect. I worried about how I will make it in films with my face, what will I do about it),” added Shatrughan.

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