Thursday, October 5, 2023

Instructions to make Holi more secure for your pets: A speedy aide

If you are a pet parent, here’s a quick guide on how you can make Holi safer for your fur babies.

By Medha Chawla: The wait is over and the festival of colours is finally here! The days leading to Holi are mostly spent planning for a grand party, making arrangements for a delectable food platter for the guests and sourcing Holi quintessentials such as colours and water guns. If you are a pet parent, your Holi to-do list should also include taking extra care of your pawsome buddies during the festival. The boisterous ‘Rang Barse’ surroundings all around may not be very pleasant for your pets.

You must remember that the chemical-infused colours can be harmful for your pets and that the sudden high-spirited ambience may cause anxiety and stress among them. It is important to take preventive measures to ensure a safer Holi for your pets. ere

Want to know what you can do to keep your pawdorable buddies safe during the festival of colour? Here are some tips shared by Ruchika Jain, certified trainer and behaviourist, Heads Up For Tails.

Don’t force your pet to participate

You may want your pet to participate in Holi celebration but you should respect their boundaries as well. “Chemicals in colours can be extremely harmful for them so avoid putting any colour on them. Loud noise during the celebrations can also cause anxiety and stress among your pets. Hence, it is important to create a safe space for them to help them keep calm and collected,” Jain said.

You can delight your pet with their favourite treats. “A pair of earmuffs, a snuffle mat with treats and a calming mist are some of the things you can use to de-stress your pet,” she added.

Avoid feeding sweets to your pet

Holi celebrations are incomplete without devouring a hearty dose of delicious sweets. “Avoid feeding sweets to your pets as it can be harmful. However, baking some pet-friendly recipes at home or feeding them healthy treats is a better alternative,” said Ruchika Jain.

Keep a few medicines handy

Despite taking necessary precautions, accidents are still prone to happen. “In case of any minute signs of discomfort or illness, seek veterinary care immediately. Try to speak to a vet well in advance, because many pets may not be available on call, during the festival. Keep a few medications handy to avoid uncertainties,” Jain suggested.

Use a gentle shampoo in case of colour onslaught

In case your pet has colour on their coat or fur, use a gentle shampoo to wash it off. “Make sure to do it quickly to avoid any irritation to their skin and coat,” the expert said.

Wipe their paws

Every time you take your dog out for a walk, ensure to clean their paws with a gentle wipe. The colour deposit on the roads can be harmful for your pet and irritate their skin.

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