Thursday, October 5, 2023

Might it be said that you are an ocean side or a mountain individual? It doesn’t matter, this spot in Japan offers both ocean and snow

There’s a beach in Japan that offers a surreal scenery of snow, sand and sea – all in the same place!

By Daphne Clarance: Are you a beach person or a mountain person? – we have probably answered this question a thousand times to the point that now it seems banal and trite. We all have certain moods that follow the mountains and other aspects of life that find solace in looking at the beach.

The sand under your feet and the cool sea breeze brushing through your salty skin could never mingle with the busyness of city life. On the other hand, the snow-capped mountains have their charm in refreshing your heart.

What if there was a way to get the best of both worlds? A beach in Japan offers such scenery that it is food for the soul.

In December 2022, a picture of a beautiful beach, known as Hokkaido Beach in Japan went viral, which showed a man walking on a path of sand with the sea on one side and the snowy mountains on the other.

A photographer called Hisa shared the picture on Instagram last year. As per online users, the picture is by San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark. It is situated in the west of Japan and runs from the western Hakuto Kaigan Coast in Tottori to the eastern Kyogamisaki Cape in Kyoto.

This beach offers the magic of enjoying a spectacular vision of the sea, sand and snow. The confluence of the three features makes this beach the top priority destination for your travel bucket list.

You can also spot other geographical features like ria-type coasts, sand bars, sand dunes, volcanoes and valleys in the vicinity of eastern Kyogamisaki Cape, Kyoto to the western Hakuto Kaigan Coast, Tottori.

If you’re looking for a reset in life, consider this stunning beach in Japan to be your escape for your next vacation.

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