Saturday, June 3, 2023

Bigg Boss 16’s Abdu Rozik and MC Stan’s friendship hits rock bottom? Former says ‘He disconnects my call’

Abdu Rozik has hinted at cracks in his friendship with Bigg Boss 16’s MC Stan. In an Instagram LIVE, the singer said Stan often disconnects his call.

By Nirali Kanabar: Mandali was one of the biggest highlights of Bigg Boss 16. The mandali consisted of six members: MC Stan, Abdu Rozik, Sajid Khan, Shiv Thakare, Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. However, Abdu’s recent statement ‘mandali khatam’ left everyone shocked. But later it was revealed that the singer said it jokingly. That being said, Abdu recently hinted at cracks in his friendship with BB 16 co-contestant MC Stan.

On his Instagram LIVE, Abdu Rozik claimed MC Stan is spreading lies about him in the media. According to Rozik, Stan has been saying that Abdu wants him to promote his song. However, the singer said he doesn’t want him to do so as his song already has 23 million views.


A clip of Abdu Rozik from his Instagram LIVE has gone viral on social media. The Bigg Boss 16 contestant revealed that MC Stan often disconnects his calls nowadays.

“When I call MC Stan he doesn’t say hi or Salam, he directly disconnects the call. Everyone is coming and asking me about MC Stan. Do you really think I will ever speak bad for MC Stan? Whenever he was sad in the Bigg Boss house I was with him, everytime. Now, he is going around saying in the media that I told him to promote my song, why he is doing that. I am having a headache. Since the time I have seen the news in the media I have gotten angry,” said Abdu.


Meanwhile, Shiv Thakare hosted a Bigg Boss 16 reunion party. Mandali members Abdu, Sumbul and Sajid attended Shiv’s bash. However, Nimrit and MC Stan gave it a miss.

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