Friday, June 2, 2023

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now walking the ramp in fashion shows…oh wait

The images of Mark Zuckerberg wearing flashy clothes and confidently walking the ramp have taken the internet by storm.

By Ankita Chakravarti: Have you seen images of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg strutting down a ramp in a Louis Vuitton outfit? The images of him wearing flashy clothes and confidently walking the ramp have taken the internet by storm. People are wondering if he is switching careers after firing thousands of employees at Meta. But before you get too excited, it’s important to know that the images are not real, but rather AI-generated using the Midjourney image generator.

Zuckerberg is seen in a never-before avatar in the images that have now gone viral on the internet. He can be seen flaunting a bright yellow coloured outfit on the ramp. In a separate picture, he is seen wearing a blingy pink outfit supposedly from Louis Vuitton. Now the biggest catch is that Zuckeberg is not exploring a career in modelling. The images that have taken over the internet are all AI generated. However, they are so hauntingly real that it would be difficult to tell them apart from actual photographs. The AI tools like Dall-E often don’t get the facial expressions well but Midjourney has nailed it in every possible way. The face does not look dismantled and Zuckerberg can be seen flaunting the perfect expression that models often wear.

The AI-generated images of Zuckerberg were shared by a Twitter user named Linus, who is an AI creator. Below his post, another user named Czarek Michalski used the same prompt to create images of Elon Musk walking the ramp in blingy outfits.

To recall, this isn’t the first time the hauntingly real images of public figures have gone viral on social media. Prior to Zuckerberg, the creators unleashed their creativity imagining former US President Donald Trump in a difficult situation and the Pope strutting around in an expensive puffy jacket. Those posts appeared so real that the internet could not stop talking about it. In the image created for Trump, where he can be seen getting arrested by the police, some of them were happy that it was finally happening, whereas his followers were left deeply distressed.

On a related note, Midjourney, the AI tool which was used to create these realistic images, has stopped offering free trials. However, the company has not cited these images as the reason behind the recall of free trails because the realistic images can only be created using Midjourney version 5, which is only accessible to paid subscribers.

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