Thursday, October 5, 2023

Gauahar on Justin, Hailey Bieber’s comment on Ramzan fasting

Actress Gauahar Khan has called celebrity couple Justin Bieber and his model wife Hailey “dumb” and asked them to “get an education” after they made a comment on fasting during Ramzan.

The couple were recently caught laughing over the aspect of fasting during Ramzan, where the ‘Baby’ hitmaker had also said that it “deprives your body of nutrition.”

Gauahar took to her Instagram stories, where she gave a piece of her mind over the comment.

She shared the interview shared by a page on Instagram, where Justin and Hailey discuss the concept of fasting and how it doesn’t make sense for them to fast.

“I gotta really think about that, I have never really done it.I think our bodies need nutrition to think properly.” Justin said.

Hailey then said how fasting off food never really “made sense to her,” and said: if you want fast off the TV, fast off your phone, I think I believe in that more, but fasting off food. it never really made sense to me. or if you are fasting sweets or fasting sugar.”

She concluded: “We’re totally like yeah, that’s why you are stupid!”

Gauahar posted the video on her Instagram Stories and wrote in the caption: “Just proves how dumb they are. Only if they knew about the science behind it. And the health benefits from it! Get an education @Justinbieber and @haileybieber. Its okay to have an opinion btw! But be intelligent enough to put forth correctly.”

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