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WWE Raw Results: Solo Sikoa defeats Kevin Owens, Morgan-Rodriguez win title, Cody Rhodes challenges Brock Lesnar

Solo Sikoa defeats Kevin Owens, with help from The Usos.

After Owens’ defeat, The Usos repeatedly hit The Prizefighter. But look who are here to save Owens ?

Sami Zayn and Matt Riddle come to the rescue of Owens. Zayn-Riddle beat The Usos and cause them to retreat.

The duo then brutally assault Sikoa. But the Usos return to rescue The Enforcer of The Bloodline. Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso and Sikoa then leave the arena.

Owens is down on the floor. Sikoa climbs to the top rope and tries to jump on to Owens. But KO rises up in time. He too climbs up to the top rope and both punch each other.

Owens picks Sikoa and slams him hard on to the floor. Owens climbs top rope and jumps flying onto The Enforcer of The Bloodline. While Owens pins Sikoa, he kicks out.

Power-bomb by Owens on Sikoa.

But Sikoa grabs the win with help from the Usos.

Solo Sikoa slams Owens injured leg on to the floor. Owens is feeling difficulty in walking.

Owens responds with a take down of Sikoa. Somehow KO is holding on. He superkicks Sikoa and tries to hit him while running but stops as his leg gives in.

Sikoa lifts Owens to the top rope and slaps and punches The prizefighter. Ko repeatedly hits on Sikoa’s body. Sikoa falls to the floor and Owens frog splashes on The Enforcer of The Bloodline.

Sikoa is targetting Owens’ injured knee. he kicks hard on Owens’ knee, KO is down and grimacing in pain.

Solo Sikoa grabs Owens’ leg and kicks him repeatedly. He then punches Owens repeatedly on the head.

Owens responds with a punch but Sikoa is in contro, he takes down KO.

Solo Sikoa enters the arena, flanked by The Usos.

Sikoa will fight Kevin Owens in a head-to-head fight. But there will be no Sami Zayn to aid Owens.

Kevin Owens vows to beat Solo Sikoa tonigt. He promises to take revenge for the attack on SmackDown.

Io Sky and Michin and Piper Niven took on each other in a triple-threat match.

Io Sky wins the fight.

Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso defeat Chad Gable and Otis in tag team match.

Otis is jubilant after taking down both the Usos. Chad Gable jumps onto his opponent and takes one down. The Usos take down Otis near ringside but Gable comes to the rescue.

Gable launches himself from top turnbuckle onto Jimmy Uso and then pins him but Jimmy survives.

Gable grabs Jimmy’s leg but he escapes. Jey gets tagged in and both together take down Gable.

The Usos win over Alpha Academy.

Jimmy Uso takes down Gable again as he is back in the ring. Meanwhile, Otis is nowhere to be seen.

Gable respons with an exploder to Jimmy. Otis comesback and gets tagged in by Gable.

Otis brutally beats both The Usos. Sheer domination by Otis.

Otis slam Jey down to the floor. Jimmy jumps onto Otis from top rope but is taken down.

Gable hits and punches Jimmy. But then Jey gets tagged in and he takes down Gable. The Usos then take down Otis, throwing him to ringside.

All four wrestlers are in the ring. First up are Otis and Jey Uso.

Uso looks intimidated by Otis. He grabs Otis by the waist. Otis respnds by hitting Jey on his feet.

Oris looks too big for Jey as The Uso is not even able to move his opponent. Otis jiggles in mockery of Jey.

Otis tags in Chad Gable. Jey tags in Jimmy. Jimmy lifts Gable onto the turnbucke. Gable jumps on to Jimmy and takes him down.

Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso are ready to fight against Chad Gable and Otis in a tag team match.

Cody Rhodes challenges Brock Lesnar for a one-to-one fight at Backlash.

He responds to Paul Heyman who had said that Rhodes will have to earn a rematch against Reigns. The American Nightmare answers he needn’t earn it, he is it.

Rhodes talks about Brock Lesnar. He says Lesnar repaid his friendship with destruction.

Rhodes says that someone told him that The Beast Incarnate beat him down because he was unhappy not being a part of the main event.

But personally, Rhodes thinks that Lesnar is uncertain about him.

Rhodes goes on to praise Lesnar for glorious achievements in his career. Rhodes says yes, he is scared of Brock Lesnar. But he emphasizes that he would still fight The Beast Incarnate despite being scared of Lesnar.

Rhodes asks what does the crowd want to talk about ?

He himself answers that it is a redundant question.

Rhodes says at WrestleMania 39, he lost to Roman Reigns. He says he is sorry that he lost.

He says that his friend told him tha being in the main event was itself a win. But Rhodes isn’t convinced, he said that nothing could have been better than a win.

Bobby Lashley wins by DQ over Bronson Reed.

Reed climbs to top rope and then jumps on to Lashley, taking him down instantly.

Lashley gets up but Reed kicks him.

Then as Reed tries to run and hit Lashley, the Almighty takes him down.

Both fall to ringside, seconds later. As the bell rings, Lashley wreaks havoc on Reed. Match officals rush in to separate the duo.

Bobby Lashley is take down in the ring. Reed punches him multiple times in the corner.

Lashley counters by running and hitting Reed while he was the corner.

Lashley then lifts Reed and takes him down in the ring. The crowd goes berserk. Lashley locks Reed from behind and both go down to the floor.

Reed takes down Lashley with a supersonic impact at ringside. It’s Reed who is having the upper hand in the fight currently.

Bobby Lashley fights against Bronson Reed.

Lashley punches Reed on his head. He then takes down Reed in the ring.

Lashley tries to lift Reed but fails twice.

Reed instead lifts Lashley and throws him ringside.The two punch each other near the ropes.

Bobby Lashley who won the 2023 Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, enters the arena. Who will he fight tonight ?

Paul Heyman gets interviewed. He is asked about Brock Lesnar’s actions in previous episode. But he evades the question.

Heyman instead informs that Solo Sikoa will face Kevin Owens in one-to-one fight tonight.

Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez defeat Becky Lynch & Trish Stratus. The duo win women’s tag team title.

Meanwhile, fight breaks out between Stratus and Lynch after the loss. Stratus beats Lynch and then leaves the ring.

Lynch twists Morgan’s arm. But Morgan is saved by Rodriguez.

Lynch almost pins Morgan but again Rodriguez saves.

Stratus tags herself in but Morgan pins her to the count of three.

Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez win the fight.

Finally Morgan is seen, Rodriguez tags her in. Lynch and Morgan take on each other.

Lynch tags Stratus and try for a double super flex on Morgan. But Rodriguez comes in and she sends all three down with her power.

Lynch then kicks Morgan who goes down in the ring.

Lynch hits Rodriguez multiple times while both are perched on the top rope. Lynch then tags in Stratus.

Stratus takes down Rodriguez and then pin hers but Rodriguez kicks out.

Morgan is nowhere to be seen. Where is she ?

Rodriguez is single-handedly facing her opponents.

Lynch holds Morgan in a tight lock. Then both take down each other.

Morgan tags in Rodriguez who shows her power game on Lynch.

Lynch responds with a drop kick on Rodriguez. Then tries to pin her but Rodriguez kicks out.

Rodriguez takes on the opponents first up. She then tags in Morgan to take on Lynch.

Morgan hits Lynch with a cross knee and tries to pin her but Lynch kicks out.

Lynch then tags in Stratus. Both beat Morgan toghether as Rodriguez looks on.

All four wrestlers enter the ring. Who will win the women’s tag team title tonight?

Can Stratus step up in absence of Lita ? We will know in few minutes.

Becky Lynch & Trish Stratus are set to fight Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez in women’s tag team title match.

Stratus replaced Lita who got injured after being attacked backstage.

Lita was attacked backstage and Lynch promises to take revenge. But who will partner Lynch in tag team title match against Morgan and Rodriguez.

And there she is, Trish Stratus.

Stratus and Lynch will take on Liv Morgan and Racquel Rodriguez in the women’s tag team title match.

Recorded footage of Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar from previous episode plays out. We get to see the shocked reactions of the crowd who witnessed the Rhodes’ beatdown on Raw after Mania.

Finn Balor defeats Rey Mysterio with crucial help from Dominik.

619 from Rey on Balor. Then goes on top of the rope and frog splashes on Balor.

Balor lifts Rey and slams him in the corner of the ring.

Dominik tries to hit Rey with a steel chain but Rey hits his son out to ringside. Then Rey splashes on Balor and Dominik, taking both down at ringside.

Dominik interferes again, this time hitting Rey with the steel chain.

Balor frog splashes on Rey from top rope and grabs the win.

Balor defeats Rey with help from Dominik.

Both wrestlers are back in the ring. Balor lifts Rey and slams him on the ring floor. Both fighters are down.

Rey and Balor get up. Rey climbs to top rope and jumps on Balor, then tries to pin him but Balor kicks out.

Balor flattens Rey in the ring, follows up with a drop kick in the corner. As Balor climbs up the top rope, Rey climbs up two adn then pulls him down from that height.

Finn Blaor showing his dominance now. He climbs on Rey while trapping him on the ropes. Balor squeezes Rey’s neck with a tight lock. But Rey bounces back and throws Balor outside the ring.

He splashes on Balor at ringside. Dominik retreats a bit as his father approaches him.

Rey kicks Balor and then slams him on the ring floor.

Then, Balor lifts Rey up and then takes him down on the ring floor. Balor tries to pin Rey but the luchador kicks out.

Dominik Mysterio is at ringside, watching his father being beaten up.

While Dominik trash talks his father, Finn Balor enters the arena. Is he going to fight against Rey ? Yes, the two battle against each other up next.

Dominik says that Rey never cared about him. That’s why he is better off with his real family- The Judgement Day.

Meanwhile, Rey is in the ring, listening. The crowd boos Dominik.

Dominik accuses Rey of using Bad Bunny. Recorded footage from their recent matches plays out on the big screen in the arena.

Welcome to the live coverage of WWE Raw.

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