Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Never make this mistake while doing shivlinga circuit, pay special attention to these things

Shivling Parikrama: Dharma Shastra mentions certain rules for Shivling Parikrama. It is said that worship of Lord Shiva is successful only if it is followed.

Shivling Parikarma: In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is considered the greatest of all gods and goddesses. It is said that Lord Shiva runs the world, he is as naive as he is angry. According to the scriptures, Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva. People fast to please Shiva. Shiv Pooja is of special importance on Monday. It is said that worshiping Lord Shiva on Monday gives desired results. On this day, water is offered to the Shivalinga by going to the temple. But in the meantime many mistakes happen, due to which God gets angry.

Certain rules are mentioned in the religious texts for the circumambulation of the Shivlinga. It is said that if they are not followed then the worship of Shiva is not fruitful. In religious texts it is said to halve the circumambulation of Shivlinga. In religious texts it is said to circumambulate the Shivalinga in the form of the moon. It is believed that one should not circumambulate the Shivlinga completely. Parikrama of Shivlinga should always be done from the left side. After this, after completing half the circumambulation, one should return to the same place from where the circumambulation started.From where the water of Shivlinga flows is called Jaldhari, Nirmali and Somasutra. It is said that one should never cross the Shivling after offering water. Even if you do this by mistake, the energy of water enters the body through one’s feet. Due to which physical and mental diseases can occur in the body.According to religious scriptures, the upper part of the Shivalinga represents the male and the lower part represents the female. This is why Shivlinga is considered to be the symbol of both Shiva and Shakti. This energy is very hot and powerful. Therefore, an attempt is made to pacify the Shivlinga by performing water ablutions. It is believed that by doing so, some of the energies of both energies are absorbed into it. In such a situation, sprinkling the water offered on the Shivling in the house removes the negative energies.

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