Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Ranbir Kapoor kisses Bobby Deol as they envelop Creature shoot by London and celebrate

Ranbir Kapoor is working extensively for his upcoming film, Animal.

As he was filming in London, new visuals from the sets suggest that the film’s team has now wrapped up its international shoot. All of them came together for a small celebration on sets and in attendance was also Bobby Deol.

A video has surfaced online as the Animal cast and crew hosted a cake-cutting session. In the video, Bobby and Ranbir are seen in warm clothes as the entire crew members cheered for them. A cake was placed on a table in front of them.

Before cutting it, Ranbir placed a kiss on Bobby’s cheek. He also went on to call him amazing and said ‘Thank you Bobby sir. You are amazing.’ To this, Bobby responded by calling Ranbir and everyone else ‘amazing’ in return. They went on to cut the cake together and everyone cheered and clapped for them. The cake had the first look poster of the film on it.

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