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How to record calls on OnePlus, Samsung and other Android phones

People can use smartphone manufacturers’ native call apps that come pre-installed with Android phones to record calls or even use select third-party apps. Keep reading to know more.

By Ankita Garg: Ever since Google banned third-party apps for recording calls, there are a lot of people who have been looking for ways to get this done. There are several ways to record both WhatsApp and regular calls. People can use smartphone manufacturers’ native call apps that come pre-installed with Android phones to record calls or even use select third-party apps. Keep reading to know more about how you can record calls on OnePlus, Samsung, and other phones.

OnePlus no longer has a native caller app and users who buy new phones from the brand will notice Google’s Phone app on them. The app lets you record calls, but it even informs the receiver about the call being recorded every time you make a call. So, how can one record calls on a OnePlus phone?

Well, just download Oppo’s ODialer app via Google Play Store. Once done, you will need to set it as your default phone app for calling. The app will require access to your Camera, Contacts, Microphone, Phone and SMS. One can give permissions to the app that are necessary to run it. Do make sure you have given permission to phone’s storage. Once the app is set, one just needs to go to Settings and tap on Call recording option. You can then enable it. Your OnePlus smartphone should have OxygenOS 13 software.

If the feature is not working for you, then you can install a third-party app using Google Play Store. An app called “Automatic Call Recorder ACR” is visible on the store. However, it shows too many ads, so one will have to bear with that. The app collects data on voice or sound recordings, app performance data, contacts and more. You get the option to back up your call recordings to Drive and even set up a fingerprint sensor to secure data in the app.

People can also choose to download the Cube ACR app, which doesn’t include many ads and can record calls seamlessly, as per our usage experience. Don’t forget to give the app overlay permission, otherwise, it won’t be able to record regular calls.

Samsung phone

One will find a similar option on Samsung phone too. Users can simply hop on to the Phone app and tap on the three-dotted icon, after which you will be able to access the Settings section. Here, you will see a “Record calls” option, just tap on it and enable Auto-record calls.

Open the default calling app on the smartphone that you get when you buy your Xiaomi device. Now, go to the settings and you will see the call recording feature. You just need to simply enable it and you are done.

The process is more or less similar for other Android phones as well. Most of the brands offer phones with their native apps, and so, you will find phone app as well whenever you buy an Android device. People just need to open app, go to settings and find Call recording option to enable it.

Can you still download third-party apps for call recording?

In May last year, Google announced that it will ban all the third-party apps that offer call recording feature. However, some of the apps are still visible on the Play Store and can be downloaded on phone. There are chances that the tech giant might ban them after some point of time or it might have left a few for specific reasons.

What to keep in mind?
People can download third-party apps at their risk if they want their calls to be recorded. We advise users to first examine the app properly before downloading it on the phone. For instance, one should first check the privacy policy of an app and even take a look at how many users have downloaded it and the comments section to get an idea of whether it is a genuine app. People can also check what other apps have been designed by the same developer. The privacy policy will help let you know whether the app collects or transfers your data to any third-party source.

Those who are more concerned about privacy and security should consider following the above-mentioned steps.

How to record WhatsApp and regular calls on any phone?
One can simply download Cube ACR app from Google Play Store and give it all the permissions that it requires to function. It can record your regular and WhatsApp calls. If you need to record a few important calls, then you can also use a secondary device to get the work done. One just needs to open the regular voice recording app on their phone, which comes pre-installed with many Android phones.

Does the call receiver get informed about the recording?
No. The above-mentioned methods don’t inform the call receiver that you are recording all the calls. People are advised to not use Google Phone app to record calls because it informs the other person on the call about the recording status every time you are on a call.

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