Friday, June 9, 2023

A guy walks into the doctor’s office and says

A guy walks into the doctor’s office and says, ‘Doc, I haven’t had a bowel movement in a week!’
The doctor gives him a prescription for a mild laxative and tells him, ‘If it doesn’t work, let me know.’
A week later the guy is back: ‘Doc, still no movement!’
The doctor says, ‘Hmm, guess you need something stronger,’ and prescribes a powerful laxative.
Still another week later the poor guy is back: ‘Doc, STILL nothing!’
The doctor, worried, says,
‘We’d better get some more information about you to try to figure out what’s going on.
What do you do for a living?’
‘I’m a musician.’
The doctor looks up and says, ‘Well, that’s it! Here’s $10.00. Go get something to eat!’


Teacher: “Which Book Has Helped You The Most In Your Life?”
Student: “My Father’s Check Book!”

Q: Did You Hear About The Kidnapping At School?
A: It’s Okay. He Woke Up.

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A Man’s Last Holiday
Before He Starts Working
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Note: All these jokes are taken from popular content shared on social media platforms. Our aim is just to make people laugh. We have no intention to make fun of people of any religion, caste, class, gender and color or to hurt or hurt their feelings.

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